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About Joode

Easy on the eyes and your feet

Joode was born when Melbournian Sarah Willmott couldn’t find the right socks for her care package business, Feel Better Box. All she wanted was beautiful and comfortable socks that made her smile without being too in your face.

Simple, right? Nope! 

So as an owner of two successful businesses and a self-confessed sock connoisseur, Sarah decided to do it herself. And during a global pandemic no less. Hey, why not? 

Joode was born.

Joode is a passion project created to fill that foot-sized hole in your shopping cart. We can’t wait to share these socks with you.

Joode. Socks that are easy on the eyes and easy on your feet.  

Sarah Willmott - Creator of Joode Socks 

About Sarah – the heart and sole of Joode

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the sock-lover behind Joode. I've been bouncing around in business since I had the idea of sending care packages in 2015 and launched Feel Better Box. I then launched Retreat Me Happy in 2019 and now here I am making socks. 

I struggle to sit still, love movies and walks along with beach with my spoodle. I love Chardonnay, Rose and a Pinot Noir. Also a Chicken Tikka Masala followed by Chocolate pudding with cream or custard. I have two kids and I’m originally from old Blighty.

I love surprises. I love prints. I love delighting all the senses. And most of all, I love choosing a pair of socks that matches my mood or makes me smile. I hope you love these socks as much as I’ve loved designing and sourcing them.

 A tray of Joode Socks

About the socks – the real stars of this show

Without the socks, Joode would be nothing! We desperately wanted to manufacture locally but the samples just didn’t meet our standards. After an exhaustive quality check of samples made internationally, we decided on an ethical manufacturer in Turkey.

The socks are made from 86% premium combed cotton, 12% polyamide and 2% elastane. What does that even mean? That combo means they’re comfortable in hot and cold weather and will retain their shape longer than cheaper socks.

That’s good!                                   

We dabbled with the idea of bamboo socks but with the amount of processing it takes to manufacture, cotton is a much better option for the planet. We’re keeping the environment front of mind as our product range grows and if a better option pops up, we’ll be onto it. Pron-toe.


Our commitment to an inclusive community

Joode has a pretty simple philosophy – great socks for everyone. We operate as an inclusive community, seeing the world as one equal home to everyone who lives on it. We wish discrimination didn’t exist so every day we do our part. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the Joode community because we believe diversity forms a beautiful world that we are proud to share with you. 

We run our website, social media and all our marketing accordingly. Please be kind.