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Happy 2nd Birthday Joode

Happy 2nd Birthday Joode

Joode is two! I feel like a new parent wondering where the time has gone? It feels like a whirlwind of build up to the pre-launch, then a whirlwind of doing 'all the things' in year one and then a year of steadiness. 

It's actually taken me over a month to sit down and write this blog. Getting to year two is quite the feat, it has not been for the faint hearted. There have been some pretty big trials and tribulations. I have made some pretty spectacular mistakes in such a short time. And then there is the current financial crisis and retail down turn, it is not the time to be a new start up brand. It's a make or break two year birthday. And that is a hard one to chew. I wish I could sit here and tell you that everything is fine and we're smashing it and next year it's going to be even bigger and even better. But the rotten truth of it is, next year will be survival of the fittest. Next year in this economic climate will be sink or swim. I just hope I've done enough to swim, because I know there isn't going to be some miracle that is going to save the retail economic climate for small business. It will likely get much worse before there is any light at the end of the tunnel. 

It did occur to me, is it now that I cut my losses? Is that the sensible thing to do? I took a long hard look at everything I have created, all the love, hope, joy and sometimes heart break. No, I'm not willing to give it up. I am not willing to throw it all away. I think Joode is worth fighting for. So a month after Joode's second birthday I am going to fight all the way. Yes next year might be a little more low-key. But in a year that I predict will be much harder than this, it will have to be anyway. I will take all my lessons, will not repeat them and show up. I will be at the big markets, I will be online and we will still be in your local stores. 

I know I have a small but mighty loyal following. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and got me to here. I adore Joode with every fibre of my body. Packing your orders, seeing your faces light up at markets. All of it. The joy Joode brings me overshadows anything that has happened and the current retail climate. So I will keep faith. I do not go into year three blindly, I go in with a plan of keeping on. I look forward to writing a happy year three blog, we will get there, I just know it. 



ps. For those wondering what spectacular mistakes I've made; here you go.

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