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Finders Keepers Sock Stand Joode

This year I wanted to try everything. And some things have worked out and some things just didn't. Everything has been a leaning curve.

March - The Gift & Lifestyle fair was very first trade show. It was a lovely entry into the world of Trade fairs but it was also a little quiet. We were kinda tucked at the back being a 'new' business stand. I'm not 100% sure my people came along but when they did they came straight over to. I did secure some lovely wholesalers but it wasn't as many as I was hoping.

April - Reed Gift Fair (Trade Show) - I travelled to Sydney and stayed four days. It was wonderful but I also enlisted help from a friend and colleague but other then to cover my loo breaks and lunch - there wasn't a great deal of people to need two of us there. We realised it was because Easter - the first 'travelling' school holidays since all the lockdowns meant families choose holidays over visiting the Reed Gift Fair. Even I didn't check the dates and realised too. I know I went into this event not knowing and being told 'it was the place to be seen' but just not this year. This year people choose family over business. I did pick up some wholesale sales and accounts but certainly not as many as I was hoping.

May - Mind Body & Spirit was having a 'women in fashion' isle and offered me a spot. It was a trial and I was told it was a huge show and thousands of people attend. And I thought, why not? I'll give everything a go. And oh boy did they get the foot traffic in. Thousands of people came. And despite thousands of people having feet, and it being winter - they wasn't there to buy socks. Sure we sold some but we barely made enough sales to cover of the stand. And that was a hard one to take. It hurt deep. And my confidence was knocked badly.

July Finders Keepers - was a Friday evening to Sunday night. And I had customers - lots and lots of customers. They said the same as thing to me and their friends or loved ones over and over again before purchasing - 'cute socks'. 1,000 pairs of socks later - it was a roaring success - we are home, we have found our people. Finders Keepers - Thank you.

July - Reed Gift Fair (Trade Show) Melbourne. Full to the brim with excitement, our socks were selected to go in the top 100 buyers VIP Bags who were visiting. We also took part in their Digital show bag. The weekend was full and brimming with people, we spoke to and obtained leads from the most amazing array of buyers. But when the weekend drew to a close - we still had Mon-Weds. And those three days were some of the longest of my life. For us, everyone came to play over the weekend and no one came midweek. Which was surprising but it makes sense in hindsight. There were also three other fairs on for gifts at the weekend so many did them all at once - at the weekend.

October - Finders Keepers Market I know we haven't got there yet. But i've signed up for Finders Keepers again in Melbourne. Because that is where my people are at. 

December - Finders Keepers Sydney - Because, you know - that's where my people are. I'm nervous, it's a gigantic logistic effort, but...... it's also Christmas and you know what is a great stocking filler? Socks!

2023 - What is our plan for the new year? Can you guess? Well, it's not going to be 'trying all the things' because I now have experience up my sleeve. It's going to be Finders Keepers and a Children's sock launch. Easy, right?

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